Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why are there 3 User Groups

A.  BulaTree has 3 User groups rather than 1. This is due to the emphasis on giving the priority to charities to raise funds for their respected causes and is the reason only charities can list items for auction.
The 3 Groups are:

1 – Charities
2 – Bidders
3 – Advertisers

Q.  Can I join another user group?

A.  Yes, however only Bidders can be automatically join up online, Charities and Advertisers have to have Admin approval after signing up online.

Q.  Can Charities and Advertisers also bid?

A.  No, if charity or advertiser personal would like to bid, they can simply join the Biding group.

Q.  How does BulaTree pay for the upkeep of the site ?

A.  BulaTree is free to Charities and Bidders with no commission or fees. The upkeep of the site is financed with the kind help of our advertisers.

Q.  What does BulaTree do with any extra funds not required to maintain the site ?

A.  Any extra funds will be used in 3 main areas. The first is setting up a reserve fund for BulaTree, ; secondly, donating to chosen Charities that reside on BulaTree .com and third, donating to R&D of companies working towards combating climate change such as Vaccars Pty Ltd (